Tameside MBC Mentoring Project

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Attached Documents Adding Attachments to Email

Easy practice exercises

Attaching a File (Hotmail) Document Download

Sending Email Sending and Using Email

PC Problem Solving (Q&A) Computer Active

Computer Active Step-by-Step Guide

Sending Emails Step-by-Step Guide

This is a useful one if you ever need to email large files like MP3s, videos, presentations or uncompressed photos. Some Internet Service Providers impose file-size limits which stop you from sending files which are larger than a few MB's in size. This service overcomes that restriction by allowing you to upload your file to a secure area of their site, and simply email the link which allows the recipient to download the file.

Mailbigfile.com Mail large files

The Web

First Time Online Student Assessment

First Time Online UFI First Time Online

BBC Webwise Project

BBC WEBwise project BBC Introduction to the Web Course Menu

BBC Skillswise Project

BBC Skillswise BBC Maths/Literacy

Check out 'What's inside the box'

Open2.net BBC2/OU webpages on ICT






Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3

Online Learning

Alison.com Online Learning

Tutorials for Word etc

Internet for Classrooms

Guardian Online

Computer Weekly

What is? Definitions of terms

Dictionary of Computing

Places to Try on the Web

www.yourenotme.com Are you unique?

Click on to Steve Wright and website of the day. There's also a full  list of previous websites of the day.

www.bbc.co.uk/radio2 Looking for something but not sure what?

Miles Mendoza Website of the Day Latest best website

The People's Network Enquiry Service

Peoples Network Enquiry Service

Easy Index Index

Draw-a-pig Psychological Profile

www.freerice.com/ Test your vocabulary and donate rice at the same time.

Fly a Helicopter Test your mouse skills

MySpace Social Networking site

Facebook Social Networking site

Twitter Social Networking site

Metro newspaper e-archive

E-metro Metro news online

Art,Literature and Music

A search system for lyrics to favourite pop/rock artists

sing365.com Lyrics of your favourite songs

Enter your preferences in up to five categories and the system chooses       a book for you. You can also read a bit first and see if the local library has it available.

www.whichbook.net Find a book

Artwork from the community

Artfolio Artwork from the community


Find out about Ebay by clicking on 'The online auction house'

Ebay The online auction house

Wondering how much your neighbour sold their house for?

www.nethouseprices.com How much?

Beeb.com BBC shopping zone


WHICH reports (Phone 0800 380 380 for free Guide to the Internet or EMail version as PDF document)

WHICH Magazine Which reports on Computers/WWW

WHICH reports (Phone 0800 380 380 for free Guide to the Internet or EMail version as PDF document)

What can I do with this computer? Play Hookey.com

Image of the I/O systems of a computer imagined as a toilet!

Understanding Computer Technology The Computer as a Toilet!

WHICH reports (Phone 0800 380 380 for free Guide to the Internet or EMail version as PDF document)

HowStuffWorks.com Explanations of various devices

Computer Active Online

Computer Active Magazine Online

Archiving/Family History

TMBC Family History

TMBC History Email Local Studies

Family History

Dukinfield Family History Email Gay Oliver

TMBC Family History

Tameside Family History

TMBC History Forum

Tameside History Forum About the forum

Courses available on Family History

History Courses

Blog for Britain

Historymatters Contribute to History

Help with Genealogy Files

Wikipedia-GEDCOM Info on GenealogyFiles

Help with Genealogy Files

About-GEDCOM Info on Genealogy Files

Maps and Travel

Find the best route and see how many miles it will take to get there.

www.theaa.com Find your way

Find a map for Manchester or Marrakech

www.map24.com You live where?




Find someone's details/phone number

192.com Find someone you are looking for

http://www.upmystreet.com/ What's up my street?

www.nationalrail.co.uk When does the train go?


Cross Country

www.gmpte.com What time is the bus?

www.expedia.co.uk Looking for a holiday?


For the Youngsters

Number Jacks Cbeebies numbers for kids

For the Oldsters

Tameside OWL Website for older people

www.over50.gov.uk Website for older people


Thunder Accessibility Software

Guide Accessibility Software

Supernova Accessibility Software

Job Search

Job Centre Plus Government Job Search

Directgov Government Job Search

Monster Monster Job network

Fish 4 Jobs Fish4 Job network

What Jobsite What Jobsite

Clickajob Clickajob

My Manchester Jobs My Manchester Jobs

My Jobsearch My Jobsearch

Careerjet Employment search engine

Jobsmine Employment search engine

Next Step Help with employment

Mentor Links

My language Various language translations

Net Guides Various language net guides

St Annes Learning Centre Info on St Annes

Click to mail MDDA

Manchester DDA Digital development agency

Tameside Feedback Comment on Learning Experience

Virtual Learning Environment

Library VLE Virtual Learning Environment [Requires Login]

Igoogle [tamesidementors]

Igoogle Information for Mentors [Requires Login]

ITCH Network IT Can Help



Spatial Literacy

Online Booking Form Link to the session booking form

Registration Form Link to the registration form

Right click to Download

Mentor Feedback Form Feedback Comment Form

Tameside Web Suggestions Mail Ashley

Available Courses Courses running

Help is at hand Diversity Training

Library Computers Details of the Library PC service


Making Webpages/Using FTP

HTML Tutorial HTML Tutorial

HTML Help.com HTML Help

Making Websites Computer Active

PC Problem Solving (Q&A) Computer Active

Computer Active Step-by-Step guide

Create your own Website Step-by-Step guide

Free blogsite

Blogger Free Blogsite with HTML edit



Typepad Blogsite with support and payment


My own travelblog is at www.travelblog.org/Bloggers/the tomorrow people

Travel Blog Blogsite for travellers

WS-FTP Downloadable FTP Client

Storage space online for MP3 files etc.

www.mediamax.com/ 25Gb storage space

Cuteftp Downloadable FTP Client

Webspace with editors

Piczo Free Webspace

Free Webspace

Atspace Free Webspace

60 Mb Free Webspace

50webs Free Webspace

100 Mb Free Webspace

100webs Free Webspace

Webspace with editors

Geocities Yahoo's Webspace

Webspace with editors

Google Pages Google's Webspace

Webspace with editors

Google Sites

File Storage

IGoogle Google's storage

File Storage


File Storage

Google Docs Google's Document storage

File Storage

Tripod Lycos SPace

File Storage


File Storage


Personal Webspace

MySpace Webspace

General Internet

Using Ebay The Auction Site

Search Engines Google,Yahoo etc

Wrinklenet article

New Scientist

PC Problem Solving (Q&A) Computer Active

Find a definition of a computer term

Jargon Buster Computer Active Jargon Buster

PC Problem Solving (Q&A) Computer Active

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer

Computer Active

Internet Explorer Computer Active Hints and Tips

Computer Active

First Steps on the Internet Computer Active

Computer Active

Things to try on the Internet Computer Active

To order free WHICH guides phone 0800 380 380

The Which Guide to the Internet WHICH PDF doc (880k)

An in depth guide to the internet

Internet Guide A guide to the NET

An in depth guide to the internet

Learn the Net Tutorials for the NET

Type in text and convert it to another language

Yahoo Babel Fish Text Translator

Logsheet to monitor student progress

Internet Logsheet

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