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Cool gadgets are wasted on buyers

Digital dunces are failing to use up to half the features of their mobile phones,MP3 players and other gadgets.Just four per cent can be bothered to work out all the different features their new devices are capable of,a new poll shows.Many are incapable of burning CDs on their computers and making movies on their mobiles. And 58 per cent of adults use no more than half the functions of their gadgets,according to a survey for technical support service The TechGuys.
'Cyberphobia is rampant in the UK,' said managing director Gary Robertson.'More than nine in ten people say technology plays an 'important part' on their lives but 79 per cent need help using it. ' With only 15 per cent fully reading the instruction manulal of a new piece of kit,they're just not getting the best out of what they have.' [The Metro 21/9/06]


BREAKING into a sweat, heart palpitations and anger are all symptoms you might suffer in extreme situations of stress, such as divorce or moving house. But it seems life's great worries are nothing compared with shopping on websites which crash just as you are paying for that crucial Christmas gift. 'Mouse rage' is the new term to describe online shoppers who start bashing their plastic rodent uncontrollably on the desk while swearing at the screen. The heart rate, brainwaves, muscle tension and skin reaction of volunteers were monitored as they logged on to a range of websites, some of which mal-functioned and some which did not. Experts from the Social Issues Research Centre in Oxford reported: 'Some changes in muscle tension were quite dramatic. 'Participants' faces tensed visibly, their teeth clenched and the muscles around their mouths became taut.' The study was cornnnissioned by web hosting company Rackspace. Managing director Jacques Greyling said: 'Businesses selling online have a duty to ensure the experience is as stress-free as possible.'

Metro Oct22,2008

'Online Hoodies' stalking the web

Metro 28/10/08

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